It is the policy of Connect Electronics to meet all quality requirements expected of us by our customers.

Connect Electronics believes in continually striving to achieve and maintain our customers’ expectations in relation to quality. By using the IS09001 & EN9120 Quality Management System models to assist in attaining these goals, we ensure that customer expectations and requirements are fulfilled.

Our Primary Objectives as a company are:

  • Provide a service that consistently meets with customer requirements.

  • Maintain and increase market share.

  • Provide a working environment that encourages all employees to contribute positively to the improvement of the company’s market position, and enhance their own status and profile within the company.

  • Provide our staff with training in all aspects of quality and service provision to ensure the optimum level of quality (customer expectations) is attained.

  • Secure long-term employment for its workforce.

  • All employees are required to understand and carry out their responsibilities in a manner that reflects the company’s continuing commitment to quality.

Quality Standards